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Fors Fortis is a steadily advancing guild that is home to people that are old enough to know better, smart enough to carry on a conversation, and log in to play at least once every couple of weeks.
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Welcome to the Fors Fortis Guild Page

We are an active and friendly guild. We expect our members to have the same positive appearance to other DDO players. Our guild members take care of each other and if possible help others with questing, information, just chatting and of course have some fun.

We all know: DDO is still a game and we love to have fun together!

See you around, cheers!

Guild News

Guild news | 29 May 2013

Plyiens, May 29, 13 6:21 AM.
Hey Guildies,

It's already long time for a new guild update. But like the others I have the same problem: to less hours in a day and to much to do 

Guild lvl: 81.. next update there is gonna stand lvl 82! We have it almost.
Guild renown: 27.511.359

What happend last weeks? Ara is writing Raids on the forum and is gonna help me with making Guild Raids! (I'll do it also more when the evenings with my babygirl are going better) If there are more volunteers to lead some raids: you know how to find me!
We already had the first guild raid: MA (Master Artificer) raid. And it was a good one. The Guide worked perfect and she (Ara) explained it in the game aswell. So again Ara: Tnx!!

I made a toon for the lottery, so items can be send to Lottiens. Then I hold Plyiens free to game with. 4 June we have the next Guild Lottery. 4 june in the Dutch morning I'm gonna make guild list and post it on the forum.

Have a great run all! CU all soon in the game.

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